I. Warranty Terms and & Conditions:

  1. Laptops found suffered from hardware defect within seven (7) of purchase are granted for Shop Warranty Replacement depending on the availability and subject to the terms of Section II and Section III-4
  2. For Smartphones warranty, please proceed to the smartphone brand’s accredited Service Center.
  3. BASIC TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS will be performed incase any concern arises within seven (7) days of purchase.
  4. After seven (7) days of purchase, if given the chance the issue still persists after BASIC TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS, Kwan Corporation will provide service center locations and their contacts details for Tier 2 level support.

II. Warranty does not cover the following:

  1. All physical damages including but not limited to: electrical overstress (EOS) or “over-clocking”, bent pins, melted wires, circuit board cut traces, blown metal links, corrosion, due to accumulated dirt/moisture or insect/rodent urine, improper assembly, poor care, scratches, damages during transport, water damage, or damages caused by natural disasters.
  2. Free or promotional items.
  3. Loss of personal data or transport costs.
  4. Products with defaced or altered serial numbers and warranty stickers or any alteration, modification, repairs made by a 3rd
  5. LCD monitors with less than 5 dead pixels(bright/dark) are not eligible for warranty claims unless the product offers a Zero Bright Dot (ZBD)
  6. Any software related problems.
  7. In event of lost/damaged receipt, the customer shall pay Three-Hundred Pesos (₱300) for an official copy of the said receipt.

III. Warranty Claims & Warranty Process

  1. Kwan Corporation has a designated team to cater concerns post purchase. Kindly refer to https://www.facebook.com/kwancorpas/.
  2. Kwan Corp After Sales Team will provide a fill-up form to be fulfilled by the end-user for added information and to further address the concern
  3. In event of pull-out or follow-up deliveries, end-user shall shoulder 70% of the agreed delivery fee. This also includes LBC and Store pick-ups
  4. 4. A credit note with a validity of three (3) months will be issued for the returned products under Shop Warranty Replacement. In cases where the customer’s choice of replacements item(s) is not available. If given that the unit is proven faulty, the exchange of purchased items will be allowed within three (3) days from the date of physical diagnosis conducted by an accredited technician (e.g., items purchased on January 1 will be permitted to be exchange in full purchase value to another item until January 3). In the event of sudden price drop within the three-day exchange period, the returned item will be valued at the current list price.
    Items exchange beyond the three-day period will be charged a restocking fee of five percent (5%) within the first week additional five percent (5%) per week for the succeeding weeks (i.e., 10% on the second week, 15% on the third week up to maximum percentage of 30%). in the event of a price increase computations will be done on the original purchase price.
  5. For card transaction, any incurring charges is shouldered by the client.
  6. Only items with complete boxes, manual, and in pristine condition will be accepted for exchange. Software is not allowed for sales return.
  7. The company reserves the rights to decline any returns after deemed necessary subject to the terms of Section II